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Do’s & Don’ts After you had your PMU Procedures. Even though this is only a minor procedure, pls handle the areas with care.

The Healing process and Good Result depends entirely on How you Look after the Treated areas after you go out of the Salon.

What to avoid:
* No Sunbathing/Sunbed nor direct exposure to UV.
* No Swimming in the Sea or Swimming Pool.
* No  exercise to avoid Sweating. Sweat is salty and acidic, this can affect the Pigment’s development.
* No Sauna.
* No consumption of Seafood within 7 days of treatment.
* No coffee/Tea/Red wine. This can affect the Pigment’s development.
** Must Not- Scratch nor Peel off the dry skin On the treated areas! This will result in Patchy Colour when healed.

** Eyebrows:  Do not wet within 24 Hrs after procedure.
May take a shower Only after 24 hrs, best Not to use anything, Just Water. Make sure to pat dry the area immediately. Do Not Rub. Repeat: Do Not Apply Any Products in the treated areas whilst in Healing Process!

** Eyeliner:  Same as Eyebrow, except you can Use  EYEDROPS to sooth and clean the eyes, especially upon waking up in the morning. Apply 3x a day if desired. Avoid eye make-up of any kind.

** Lips: Again the same as above. But you may apply Vaseline to sooth and to keep the area moisturised. Use ice compress to reduce the swelling.
Drink lots of Pineapple and Orange Juice for Vit C 1000mg and to enhance the Lip colour. Hygiene is of utmost important during healing process. After scab came off color will be perfect after 6 to 8 weeks